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glot.space is a no-fuss language Russian learning platform that will get you from zero to basic-fluent in no time.

🇷🇺 Привет, как дела?

🇺🇸 Hi, how are you?

🇷🇺 Отлично, спасибо! Ты теперь говоришь по-русски?

🇺🇸 I'm great thanks! Do you speak Russian now?

🇷🇺 Да! Я недавно начал учиться.

🇺🇸 Yes! I've been learning recently.

🇷🇺 Как ты учишься?

🇺🇸 How do you learn?

🇷🇺 Я использую glot.space, это отличный сайт.

🇺🇸 I use glot.space, it's a great website.

🇷🇺 Звучит потрясающе. Как мне начать?

🇺🇸 Sounds amazing. How can I get started?

🇷🇺 Просто нажмите на 'Start Here' и выберите свой язык!

🇺🇸 Simply click on 'Start Here' and choose your language!

🇷🇺 Так просто. Начинаю сейчас!

🇺🇸 So easy. Starting now!

🇷🇺 Удачи!

🇺🇸 Good luck!



Native speakers
150M 🗣️
Official language in
4 countries 🌍
Active vocabulary
20k-30k 📚
medium-hard 🤔
Closest langauges
Ukrainian, Belarusian
⏳ Avg. time to basics
900-1100 hours ⏳

Russian Online For Free

Learning Russian grants access to one of the six official UN languages and provides a strategic advantage in sectors like energy, aerospace, and cybersecurity. Russia's geopolitical significance makes the language invaluable in international relations. For basic fluency, English speakers need about 2,000-3,000 vocabulary words and can expect to spend 900-1,100 hours to reach general proficiency, given the language's unique alphabet and phonetic system. Essential grammar includes understanding the Cyrillic alphabet, six cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, prepositional), and complex verb conjugations. Mastery of these elements offers nuanced communication and a deeper understanding of Russian culture and history.

Russian + glot.space



Build a strong foundation by learning the most commonly used words and grammatical structures.

In English for example, to engage in everyday conversation on a wide range of topics, you'll likely need to know between 1,500 to 2,500 words. This should allow you to express your thoughts, ask questions, and understand the responses you receive.


100% Efficiency

Get the best return on the time you invest in learning.

We use AI-powered frequency dictionaries that will spoon-feed you the most popular words, idioms and sayings in the language of your choice.


100 Most Frequent Verbs in Russian

Top 100 verbs to get started.


100 Most Frequent Adjectives in Russian

Top 100 adjectives to get basics.

10 Powerful Multi-Faceted Verbs in Russian

One verb - many meanings! Learn the most useful.


Useful Idioms To Get Started in Russian

Memorize sayings that can be used in conversation.


Templates For Using Past Tense in Russian

Most common words and sentence structures.


Tailored vocabulary

Knowing a lot of words in a foreign language is cool...

You know what's more cool? Knowing the one that you will most probably use the most.

Practice what you will actually need. Specific vocabulary that a marketing specialist uses on daily basis will be (usually) much different than the one of a doctor or a personal trainer.

With glot.space, you will be able to find specific vocabulary lists that will enrich your language skills in the direction that you select.







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Gamified practice

Grow some linguistic muscles fast.
Our language training gym module learns how you learn and helps proactively fix the gaps in your knowledge.

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